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The Duffy Boxing Elite Training Centre is now open.


From beginner to advanced, our boxing classes cover all levels, from basics to advanced techniques and boxing conditioning. Enjoy an exciting and positive atmosphere led by our experienced boxing coaches as you take your boxing up a notch!

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Class credits last 1-6 months based on your selected package.

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1 hour workout

A variety of boxing classes

5 classes

£ 100


1 hour workouts

A variety of boxing classes

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1 hour workouts

A variety of boxing classes

20 classes

£ 320

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1 hour workouts

A variety of boxing classes

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More classes coming soon.

On average 2 coaches per class.

We have limited gloves and hand wraps, please bring your own if you have them!

All feedback on class types will be taken into account.

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Invest in your teams health and well-being.

Our trainers


The former European champion and current Talksport and Sky Sports pundit has a wealth of boxing knowledge to share with our community.

A friendly former professional boxing champion who loves to create a positive atmosphere and is driven to help his clients reach their goals.

The legendary and charismatic former world champion and current boxing presenter is an inspiring presence in any boxing gym. 



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  3. Tap the ‘Book’ tab.
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